TABLE CABLE LIGHT / Translucent matte ceramic

Shade size: Ø170 x 250 mm
Cable length: 200 cm
translucent ceramic
Translucent white
March 28, 2016

The table light is developed to create more of an ambient light with the same cable light story. Inspired by mooring bollards widely seen along harbors and rope winches seen on boats, Patrick Hartog integrated the textile cable into the design.

Mostly a cable is added to the product after creating the shade, I tried to really integrate it into the design

For this lamp he worked together with a workshop in the ceramic city of China, Jingdezhen. In this city the craftsman are specialized in creating high quality porcelain and bone china. “Bone China” has the special characteristic to be highly translucent, therefore light can travel through the ceramic.

When the lights is off it looks like beautiful matte porcelain, when it’s on you are surprised