Lozenge cappuccino mug / salmon 4%

The mathematical lozenge (often referred to as diamond) shape has a wide history in ceramics and glass. When these depth patterns were used in glass, these were cut in the glass. The design of these cups was made by using generative 3d modeling, this made it possible to create a complex pattern and integrate a depth gradient in the cup. The cups are made by slipcasting. After designing this product in 3d on the computer, models were made by 3d printing and a specialized mold making process made sure the delicate pattern was transferred to the finished products.


The porcelain cups are hand made in our workshop in Rotterdam.


Product name Lozenge mug
Dimensions Ø85 x 110 mm
Volume 250 ml
Material Porcelain
Packaging dimensions
Colours white, grey, blue, salmon
Finish outside non-glazed, inside glossy glaze


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